Dark skin 

I chose to question a woman that is labeled dark skin , to find out how does she feel. Until today I never would have asked these questions. I plan to do more Q&A’s via my YouTube channel. These questions were within a conversation over the phone. I learned something new, somethings I could relate to and something I could learn from. We are alike in so many ways, we deal with much of the same things. We look at each other as competition when we should see each other as sisters. I hope that with these questions you can ask yourself the same questions and be as honest and raw as she was. 

22 year old Charleston native 

Q: How do you feel about being a black woman? 

A: I am comfortable, I am black, but a different kinda black

Q: What do you mean? I

A: I know the definition now, I really thought I was black like the color black, like charcoal. I got teased until right after high school. When I got to college I got teased, but in an adult way. Being called chocolate. My mom always told me stuff, like I was beautiful. I use to get teased so much, I might as well have been something else.

Q: When your mom told you that you were beautiful, did you believe her?

A: No

Q: When did you accept yourself?

A: I guess. I mean. I did with age, I guess when I came to college, I accepted myself as a whole. 

Q: Would you say that you love yourself? 

A: Yeah, I grew into doing that. I didn’t always. 

Q: where you self conscious about women lighter than you? 

A: Sometimes when getting into relationships, because they would go lighter. 

Q: What do you love about being a black woman? 

A: That’s a hard answer 

Q: How do you think we can better the lives of black women in America?

A: Stop teasing and gossiping and help. People know how they look when they leave the house, but don’t have the resources. We talk about people, we need to support each other and not tear each other down. 

Q: Do you feel black woman are respected? 

A: No! Not at all, no where. They look at us as dogs. We’re only respected if we’re educated. We aren’t respected at all. They judge us from our skin color and how we choose to wear our hair. 

Q: How do we become respected? 

A: Get educated 

Q: Do you feel sexy? 

A: Yeah. I do, now I do. 

Q: Do you think America see you as sexy? 

A: No I have to change it up to do that. Not on an everyday basis .

Q: what does America see as sexy? 

A: Big butt, no blonde hair, flat ass and a B cup

Q: Do you feel you have the right to be sexy? 

A: Yeah, every right too! They don’t have ass, I do have a little. 

Q: Is there anything that you want to say? 

A: I will forever be a black woman, black and proud! 

Q: Are you proud of yourself? 

A: Yeah

Q: What do you want to accomplish?

A: My goals

Q: what are they?

A: Graduating college, to become a teacher. The first in my family, those ungrateful mf’s. Live a happy life, get my mom out of debt, being able to accept myself  


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  1. chocolateandconfident says:

    Great post, I can relate to being darker skinned than others, I wrote an article about it https://chocolateandconfident.wordpress.com/2016/04/27/what-ive-learnt-from-being-bullied/


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